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Fire ants in chicken coop?

I just started laying down new straw for my layers, and around halfway through, I see ants everywhere! They are totally infested in the bedding.

Will the ants hurt the chickens in any way? The chickens aren’t in there right now, so I could still shovel the straw out and stuff. But, if that’s the case, is there anything else I could use until I can get more?

I need an answer quickly

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  1. justjoe says:

    ……….dem ants….. day be terrible…… bite da chickens…..Ace Hardware ..or walmart.. has special poison for dos ants……. clean da coup and try to locate da nest….. lay down da poison…. it dont have to be in da coup…. you dont want chickens to eat it….. you put it outside and da ants find it and take back to da queen…. she be da boss…. kill her and you kills em all

  2. peppersham says:

    If they are indeed fire ants you must get them out immediately they will kill your chickens.You can buy bedding at walmart for rabbits to use in an emergency.

  3. jean ann j says:

    MaltOmeal or grits around their hole or putting it out for them to carry to their nests will get rid of them. This takes some time.
    When they eat this, they swell.

    Baby powder will make them leave.

    Because of the chickens, I would use the cereal.

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